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  Compact Shrouded Conductor Bus System (DSL System)

Shrouded DSL offered are finger safe, insulated from end to end making them accident free.
  * Maintenance free
  * The sleeves are in red, yellow, blue and green colours for distinct indication of phase and earth      conductors.
  * Spring loaded current collectors ensure that there is no sparking/loss of contact and therefore            no single phasing.
  * Only contact shoes are wearing parts.
  * GI/Copper conductors are available for a wide range of current ratings upto 600 amps.
   * SS/Aluminium conductors are available for corrosive atmosphere.
  * They are very compact and require very less space.
BHARAT (Mfg.& Distributor)
  Compact Shrouded Conductor Bus System (DSL System) Items
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